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Xiamen Zhongxinda

Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

     specialised in the design and assembly of electrolysers for producing green hydrogen. we're mainly engaged in the R & D, production, sales and after-sales service of water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment, as well as the design, installation, commissioning, operation and later maintenance of water electrolysis hydrogen production project.      The hydrogen production capacity of Zhongxinda hydrogen energy's water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment ranges from 0.3m3/h to 1000m3 / h.  The main technical indexes of the equipment have reached or approached the international advanced level. The company's patent for water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment continuously upgrades the domestic water electrolysis equipment,  further improving the production process and control integration degree of domestic hydrogen production equipment.      At the same time, Zhongxinda hydrogen energy is also specialized in the renovation, maintenance and overhaul of hydrogen production system of the old unit, In the service process for many manufacturers at home and abroad,  we have accumulated extremely rich experience in installation, debugging and operation, providing users with system management.      Zhongxinda has the leading alkaline hydrolysis hydrogen production technology in the field of hydrolysis.  Our products cover the whole field of electrolyzer, the core component of water electrolysis hydrogen production process, and auxiliary system. We have accumulated mature technologies in various application scenarios, such as renewable energy, hydrogen production and storage reuse, fixed/skid-mounted hydrogenation stations, by-product hydrogen exhaust hydrogen preparation, standby/emergency hydrogen fuel cell hydrogenation, peak and frequency regulation in thermal power plants and dark green hydrogen microgrid. We can provide hydrogen production, hydrogen storage and other hydrogen industry chain solutions Zhongxinda company already passed ISO9001 quality management system certification Zhongxinda company already passed the iso45001 occupational health system certification Zhongxinda company already passed ISO14001 environmental management system certification


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Alkaline Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Equipment

Alkaline Water Electrolysis

Hydrogen Equipment
Alkaline Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Equipment

Alkaline water electrolysis is one of the easiest methods for hydrogen production although it is relatively expensive technology. If relatively small quantities of hydrogen are required, on-site electrolysis of water may result more economical than other methods. This technique is very clean and produces more than 99.989% purity of hydrogen gas. In addition, electrolysis can be linked to renewable electricity-producing technologies and hence could become even more important in the future. Usually an alkaline medium is employed (25–30% KOH).

AEM Electrolyser

AEM Electrolyser

AEM Electrolyser

AEM Electrolyser is a compact solution for low cost, high-quality hydrogen. Perfect for labs, power backup residential storage and more Easy to install, operate and integrate with software, this is a versatle building block forgreen hydrogen solutions

Hydrogen Purification Unit Equipment

Hydrogen Purification

Unit Equipment
Hydrogen Purification Unit Equipment

Hydrogen purification unit is a special equipment,which is matched for water electrolysis hydrogen production device.There are various processes such as product hydrogen, air separation nitrogen regeneration mode and three-tower regeneration mode without consuming raw gas. The unit uses water electrolysis hydrogen as feed gas to obtain high-purity hydrogen after catalytic deoxidation, cooling condensation, adsorption secondary drying and high-efficiency filtration.it's widely used in power plants, electronics, metallurgy, chemical industry, glass, new energy and other industries

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  • Mature Technology Mature Technology

    Our products are built commercially proven pressurised alkaline technology

  • Dynamic Operations Dynamic Operations

    The electrolysers are designed to operate handle variable loads suitable for renewable energy

  • Sales Sales

    The company’s senior engineers are distributed in design, R&D, machining, final assembly, electronic control, instrumentation, cold work, gasket pressing, debugging and installation, etc.

  • Durability Durability

    High durability (10+ year stack durability) and system uptime

  • Sustainable Process Sustainable Process

    Production process indepenent from scarce and price-sensitive materials like iridium and platinum

  • Modularity Modularity

    modular solutions that are suited for rapid scale-up, clustered solutions and serial production

  • High Efficiency High Efficiency

    One of the most efficient solutions on the market with competitive energy to hydrogen conversion

  • Compact Design Compact Design

    Small footprint due to compact modular design increasing number of applications

  • Versatility Versatility

    Its versatile design allows for application across many different market segments for green hydrogen production.

Our successful project case
Application in food, ammonia synthesis and other industries
Application in food, ammonia synthesis and other industries

Project location: Yemen Background: this project is used for food, ammonia synthesis, etc. Hydrogen production: 200Nm3 / h Hydrogen purity: ≥ 99.8% Structure: frame design, including hydrogen production equipment, auxiliary system, low pressure storage tank, etc.

Photovoltaic hydrogen storage and power generation (fuel cell) project
Photovoltaic hydrogen storage and power generation (fuel cell) project

Project location: Australia Project background: this project is used for photovoltaic hydrogen storage power generation (fuel cell) project. Hydrogen production: 100nm3 / h Hydrogen purity: ≥ 99.99% Structure: container type design, all equipment installed in a special container, including hydrogen production and related equipment system.

Hydrogen steelmaking project
Hydrogen steelmaking project

Project location: Dubai Project background: this project is used in steel industry, engaged in hydrogen fuel application. Hydrogen is injected into industrial boilers and burners to improve thermal efficiency. Hydrogen production: 2 × 25Nm3/h Hydrogen purity: ≥ 99.99% Structure: container type design, all equipment installed in a special container, including hydrogen, compression system.

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The ZXDH series hydrogen generator produced by Zhongxinda has a capacity from 2 to 250m3/h, and uses a new programmable logic controller (PLC) to achieve control.

Green Hydrogen Production: Electrolyzer Markets
January 10, 2022 Green Hydrogen Production: Electrolyzer Markets

Techno-economic analysis of Alkaline (AWE), PEM (PEMEL), and Solid Oxide (SOEL) electrolyzer systems, with major market players and future green hydrogen production trends. The development of the hydrogen economy seems to have started. With increasing installations of hydrogen systems in 2019 and 2020, the hydrogen economy began with the most essential technology for its development: the adoption of electrolyzer systems. From the announcement of multi billion investment in the hydrogen sector, and the growing adoption of national hydrogen plans, particularly in Europe, IDTechEx identify hydrogen and particularly the electrolyzers market as a fast-growing scenario. Beginning with the necessity of hydrogen technologies, in the 'Green Hydrogen Production: Electrolyzer Markets 2021-2031' report, IDTechEx started to analyse the actual necessity of the so-called hydrogen economy, providing a comparison with battery solutions. Following with an explanation of the European EU-ETS carbon pricing method, its effectiveness and comparison with other existing carbon taxes is shown. Although restrictions to CO2 emissions must be fulfilled by different industries, to achieve this target the adoption/integration of green technologies has to be performed.

Energy Transition calls for 100% renewable energy systems
December 31, 2021 Energy Transition calls for 100% renewable energy systems

Environmental and energy policies focus on 3 objectives: Wind and solar power generation provide  evidence  that  fully  decarbonizing   the  power  sector  is possible.  For   transport, heating and industrial  sectors  however,  the  issue  remains   unresolved.  Renewable  Hydrogen   creates  the  link  between  renewable power and renewable transport, heating  and industry. • Hydrogen is the most plentiful element  in the universe, found mainly in water and  organic compounds. • Hydrogen can be produced via water electrolysis, splitting  water molecules (H2O) into hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) with  the use of power. • If produced from renewable sources, hydrogen can be  renewable and completely CO2-free. • Like electricity, hydrogen can be channeled anywhere it is  needed. • Unlike electricity, hydrogen is suitable for long-term energy  storage. • Renewable hydrogen is a determining factor in fighting climate change, decreasing energy dependency and improving our air quality. Important synergies exist between hydrogen and renewable energy. Hydrogen can boost renewable electricity market growth and broaden the reach of renewable solutions. Electrolysers can add demand-side flexibility. In advanced European energy markets, electrolysers are growing from megawatt to gigawatt scale. Blue hydrogen is not inherently carbon free. This type of production requires carbon-dioxide (CO2) monitoring, verification and certification. Synergies may exist between green and blue hydrogen deployment, given the chance for economies of scale in hydrogen use or logistics. A hydrogen-based energy transition will not happen overnight. Hydrogen use is likely to catch on for specific target applications. The need for new supply infrastructure could limit hydrogen use to countries adopting this strategy. Dedicated hydrogen pipelines have existed for decades and could be refurbished along with existing gas pipelines. The implications of replacing gas abruptly or changing mixtures gradually should be further explored. Trade of energy-intensive commodities produced with hydrogen, including “e-fuels” could spur faster uptake or renewables and bring wider economic benefits.

ZXD POWER wish you Merry Christmas
December 24, 2021 ZXD POWER wish you Merry Christmas

I wish a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may you get all that you want in your life. May God bless you with the purity of love and life become more auspicious. I wish you that you get all the things that you want in you and this Christmas brings a lot of happiness to your home. Hey Dears! I send blessings to you millions of times, you are the one who completes me. I love you so much and wish you Merry Christmas. May this Christmas make your life more and more beautiful, you’ll get good health and happiness. Hey! my loved one, you are the only one who completes me. I’m nothing without you, this Merry Christmas I want to spend my quality time with, a very Merry Christmas to you dear. Wish you a Merry Christmas, may you always be happy in your life. May this Christmas make your life brighter and colourful. May the divinity and purity of the Christmas and the new year festivals make your life holy and meaningful. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance to all my special ones. May the closeness of friends, the comfort of home, and the unity of our nation, renew your spirits this festive season. Merry Christmas and happy new year to your family. May the Angels bless us all on this day and shower us with peace, good health and happiness. Merry Christmas Dear!

China’s hydrogen energy industry accelerates as country races towards carbon neutral goal
December 21, 2021 China’s hydrogen energy industry accelerates as country races towards carbon neutral goal

Cities across China have released ambitious hydrogen energy blueprints recently and investment in the sector is growing Authorities’ tolerance for trial and error and China’s huge market potential are key factors in its rapid development China’s hydrogen energy industry is taking off thanks to huge investment over the past five years, as the country pushes towards peaking emissions by 2030 and reaching carbon neutrality by 2060, industry insiders and experts say. Authorities’ tolerance for trial and error and China’s huge market potential are key factors in its world-leading hydrogen energy development, according to observers. When used as fuel, hydrogen produces no direct emissions of greenhouse gases or pollutants. As a result, it has enormous potential as a source of green energy and is a key element in China’s drive towards carbon neutrality. China’s largest oil refiner, China Petrochemical Corporation, or Sinopec, has started building the world’s largest green hydrogen plant in the far Western region of Xinjiang. It will be China’s first entirely solar-powered hydrogen production facility. Green hydrogen is generated entirely by renewable energy such as wind and solar power, and has much lower carbon emissions than grey hydrogen, which is produced using fossil fuels. Gan Yong, a researcher and former vice-president at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said it was inevitable hydrogen energy would be part of China’s power mix. “Wind power and photovoltaic power generation are large but fluctuating, which makes energy storage the focus of future development,” he said at the same conference. “But hydrogen energy development is critical because it can resist volatility and randomness.” China’s combined wind and photovoltaic power capacity is expected to reach 1.62 billion kilowatts by 2030 and 4.8 billion kilowatts by 2060, accounting for about 50 per cent of overall power generation in 40 years, according to Gan. In comparison, total power capacity in the United States – including coal, gas, and renewable energy – is currently around 1.2 billion kilowatts, according to the National Energy Administration. President Xi Jinping surprised the world in September last year when he pledged China would peak carbon emissions before 2030 and be carbon neutral by 2060. Whether the goals are achieved could make or break the world’s efforts to contain climate change, given China’s position as the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitter – responsible for nearly a third of emissions. alkaline electrolyzer manufacturers china pem electrolysis manufacturers alkaline electrolyser manufacturer china hydrogen generator suppliers electrolysis plant manufacturer china pem hydrogen generator manufacturer pem electrolyzer price membrane electrolyser frame gasket supplier china electrolyser manufacturer china pure hydrogen generator manufacturer spray drying tower manufacturer china hho generator supplier alkaline hydrolysis manufacturers china hydrogen generator pem m...

Hydrogen energy and energy storage
December 11, 2021 Hydrogen energy and energy storage

In the national plan of the 14th five year plan this year, hydrogen energy and energy storage are included in strategic emerging industries, and are specifically classified into future industries, which are listed in the same list as brain like intelligence, quantum information, gene technology, future network and deep sea air and sky development.   How to plan forward? The plan mentioned that "in areas with outstanding advantages in science and education resources and strong industrial base, a number of national industrial and technological institutes will be arranged to strengthen the multi-path exploration, cross integration and subversive technology supply of frontier technology. The project of cross-border integration of industries shall be implemented to create future technology application scenarios and accelerate the formation of a number of future industries.   It is not surprising that hydrogen energy and energy storage also occupy a lot of space in the 14th five year plan of Chengdu, which was launched on March 22. In terms of energy storage, in the chapter of strengthening the modern energy supply guarantee, the paper proposes to strengthen the construction of energy storage and intelligent grid, support the access of renewable energy power, and explore the application of new technologies such as distributed energy, energy storage, AC and DC hybrid distribution network. In terms of hydrogen energy, in the chapter on fostering and expanding new economy and future economic form, it is proposed to build new economic characteristic new track in Chengdu, such as quantum communication, blockchain and hydrogen energy; in the chapter of promoting energy conservation and carbon reduction and climate change, it is proposed to focus on promoting the development and utilization of new energy such as hydrogen energy and photovoltaic, deepen the reform of energy factor price and create a clean, low-carbon and efficient energy system.

AEM Electrolyser
December 01, 2021 AEM Electrolyser

ZXD exchange membrane (AEM) ZXD electrolyser is a standardized, stackable and flexible system to produce on-site hydrogen. The modular design – paired with advanced software integration – allows set up in minutes and remote control and management. Stack this electrolyser to achieve the required hydrogen flowrate. Hydrogen is widely used in sectors including the chemical industry, iron and steel, transportation, energy storage and research. In most cases, common grey hydrogen can be replaced with green hydrogen from renewables – especially as electrolysers become increasingly available. KEY FEATURES ≡ High efficiency ≡ Automated & remote operation with ZXD Energy Management System ≡ Low requirements for input water purity ≡ Ideal for on-site hydrogen production ≡ Modules can be easily integrated in 19” racks ≡ Safe operation ≡ Scalable and modular, add as many modules as needed ≡ Quick and easy installation ≡ Low maintenance requirements ≡ Small footprint thanks to compact design

Working conditions of electrodes in Hydrogen generation of alkaline water electrolysis
November 22, 2021 Working conditions of electrodes in Hydrogen generation of alkaline water electrolysis

At present, the common raw material for hydrogen production by water electrolysis is alkaline water. The requirements for the production of hydrogen by alkaline water electrolysis are not high, and the use and production technology are mature. The hydrogen produced is of high purity. The investment is mainly concentrated on water. In the electrolytic hydrogen production equipment, there is also a disadvantage, that is, a large amount of power is consumed in the process of producing hydrogen, which can be said to be a constraint condition for alkaline water electrolysis hydrogen production. Let's take a look at the electrodes of alkaline water electrolysis hydrogen production. The standard for evaluating the quality of alkaline water electrolysis hydrogen production electrodes is from two aspects, namely the service life of the electrode and the power consumption during the work. When the current density is not large during the work, the main reason affecting the power consumption is It is a potential. When the current density becomes larger, the potential and resistance become the key elements of power consumption. In the process of hydrogen production by water electrolysis, the electrodes of the equipment should have the following. (1) The surface area of the electrode should be large. (2) High conductivity. (3) Good electrocatalytic activity. (4) long-term mechanical and chemical stability. (5) precipitation of small bubbles. (6) High selectivity. (7) Easy to get and low cost. (8) Security. In the working process of water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment, high current density is often required, so high conductivity and chemical stability are extremely important. High conductivity can reduce the heat generated during the conductive process and reduce power consumption. It can improve the service life of the electrode, reduce the damage in the process of water electrolysis and hydrogen production, and reduce the production cost.

How to monitor hydrogen purity ?
November 16, 2021 How to monitor hydrogen purity ?

When we use a hydrogen generator to produce hydrogen, we can observe various operating parameters through the display screen. The parameters that can be seen include hydrogen purity, oxygen purity, and lye flow, which cause the purity display value to be low. There are many reasons, and the corresponding methods for troubleshooting are different. When the purity of oxygen or hydrogen on the display screen is low, it should be taken seriously by the operator, because hydrogen is a flammable gas with relatively high chemical activity, diffusivity and permeability. When hydrogen is mixed with air or oxygen, a wide range of flammable and explosive mixtures are formed. The explosion limit of hydrogen is 4% to 74% (volume) in air and 4% to 95% (volume) in oxygen. The hydrogen detonation limit is 18% -59% (volume) in air and 15% -90% (volume) in oxygen. The energy required to ignite the hydrogen-oxygen mixture is very low, which is only 1/10 of the ignition energy of the gasoline and air mixture. Therefore, when the purity is in a dangerous range, the safety of field devices and personnel will be greatly threatened and must be eliminated as soon as possible. The reasons for the low purity and the corresponding solutions are as follows: (1) The current value is too large, and the current value should be adjusted at this time; (2) the quality of the lye does not meet the requirements, the lye should be replaced; (3) If the lye concentration is too high or too low, the lye concentration should be adjusted; (4) the quality of desalinated water does not meet the requirements, the desalinated water should be replaced; (5) Hydrogen and oxygen liquid level difference is too large or the liquid level is too low, the hydrogen and oxygen liquid level should be adjusted to make up the brine; (6) Problems with the electrolytic cell itself, at this time, stop the car immediately and contact the manufacturer to solve it; (7) If the analyzer is faulty, notify the instrument maintenance personnel to check whether the flow rate, silica gel, boric acid tablets, etc. are normal. If it can't be ruled out, the instrument should be repaired.

Zxd power- Global Green Hydrogen Participant Team
November 10, 2021 Zxd power- Global Green Hydrogen Participant Team

An experienced, aggressive and highly dedicated team ZXD Power has a professional and well-structured business development team, which can effectively maintain contact with customers in major regions, and can effectively communicate with customers from key industries and project applications around the world. The green hydrogen market is broad and diverse. For simplicity, we divide the market into three categories: mobility, renewable chemistry and electricity to gas energy storage. Each of these markets has its own dynamics, competition pattern and price points. Hydrogen fuel is the cleanest fuel. It can be produced using surplus renewable energy and provide low-cost renewable clean fuel, which can be manufactured on-site at the point of use without the need for transportation fuel. Hydrogen is the basic chemical component of various commercial chemicals, including ammonia and methanol. These chemicals have a huge market in the world. Using renewable hydrogen as feedstock will reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions net. Power to gas is a process that converts the remaining renewable energy into hydrogen through rapid response electrolysis, and then injects it into the gas distribution network.

How Does Hydrogen Generation By Water Electrolysis Work?
November 04, 2021 How Does Hydrogen Generation By Water Electrolysis Work?

At present, there are various known methods for producing hydrogen.,ammonia decomposition hydrogen production, natural gas hydrogen production, methanol cracking hydrogen production, water electrolysis hydrogen production, etc. The most widely used method is water electrolysis hydrogen production Hydrogen production from water electrolysis Among them, hydrogen production by water electrolysis can be divided into two types: alkaline hydrogen electrolysis and PEM pure water electrolysis. The advantages and disadvantages of these two hydrogen production methods are: (1) Hydrogen production by alkaline water electrolysis: The hydrogen production technology has a long history, first learned from the Soviet Union, and later applied to domestic power plants, polysilicon, chemical companies, small laboratory chromatographic matching gas sources and other places, reliable equipment operation, low cost. The purity of hydrogen is generally around 99.8%. However, hydrogen contains corrosiveness, and it will corrode various parts after long-term operation for more than 5 years. It needs a major repair every five years, and the maintenance cost is relatively high. Abandoned lye needs to be treated in an environmentally friendly manner, and special personnel are required to be trained to work. Special attention should be paid to the regulation of hydrogen and oxygen. (2) PEM pure water electrolysis to produce hydrogen: This technology was first derived from the principle of the oxygen generator of the US nuclear submarine, because it uses a proton membrane electrolyzer, which can physically separate high-purity hydrogen and oxygen by electrolyzing pure water. It is widely used, including power plants, chemical industry, metallurgy, glass, medical treatment, high-end laboratories, etc., and there is a tendency to replace alkaline liquid electrolytic hydrogen production. Moreover, the technical equipment is small in volume, and the purity of hydrogen produced is high, ≥99.9995%, the whole operation process is pollution-free, the operation is simple, and remote unattended operation can be achieved. The safety performance is high, the running time is long, and the life of the electrolytic cell is generally about 15 years. The biggest feature of this type of device is the use of pure water electrolysis, no pollution, no corrosion, and higher purity of hydrogen. Compared with the traditional alkaline hydrogen production device, its advantages include the ability to meet the large current density operation, the current density can reach 1A / cm2 or more; low energy consumption and high efficiency, the electrolytic hydrogen production efficiency can reach more than 85%; 3. Light weight. It has good adaptability to wide power fluctuation power supply, and can realize intelligent regulation of hydrogen production from 0 to 100%. The device has a high degree of integration and can realize long-term stable operation. alkaline electrolyzer manufacturers china pem electrolys...

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