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A new low-carbon era-Hydrogen

  • October 25, 2021
Hydrogen is widely used for its flexibility, its multi-sector applications and its energy efficiency. It is a strategic technology for the attractiveness and competitiveness of industrial enterprises. By replacing current carbon-intensive energies with zero-carbon hydrogen produced by electrolysis using renewable energy sources, industrial enterprises are entering into a new low-carbon era.

A new low-carbon era:
Welcome to the industry of the future!

Used in many processes (refining, chemistry, ammonium hydroxide, methanol, metallurgy, etc.), the industrial hydrogen sector is quickly expanding.
However, it is faced with a double challenge: ensuring the continuity of supply to meet growing demands; and decarbonizing industrial hydrogen, where 95% is produced using fossil fuels.
Used in industry for hundreds of years, hydrogen has seen its use increase in the following sectors:

  • Chemistry (refining, methanol, synthesis of ammonium hydroxide)
  • Food-processing (oil production)
  • Jewelry (cutting, brazing)
  • Glass-making (optical fibers, flat glass)
  • Electronic components (fused quartz)
  • Metalworking (cutting, welding, brazing, sintering)
  • Energy (cooling generators in thermal power stations)
The zero-carbon hydrogen produced from the electrolysis of water and renewable electricity offers manufacturers the possibility to create new forms of value: the decarbonization of their procedures, the creation of new processes and new markets, or the re-purposing of their polluting discharges.

Alternative solutions to on-site production consist in delivering hydrogen to the site in liquid or gaseous form. These supply logistics require frequent deliveries which are complex to manage and generate a high carbon footprint as well as significant costs. ZXD Hydrogen offers to replace this logistical challenge with integrated on-site hydrogen production solutions.

By producing zero- or low-carbon hydrogen on site, on demand, and according to their specifications (quantities, pureness), manufacturers are able to ensure the following:

  • Security of supply and energy independence (elimination of logistics restrictions)
  • Better control over costs
  • Reliability and continuity of service
  • Low-carbon hydrogen which dramatically reduces their CO2 footprint
  • Production in the safest conditions
The production of industrial hydrogen on-site, on demand, according to your specifications
Specialists in alkaline electrolysis, the most approved energy production technology on the market, and with the lowest CO2 emissions, ZXD Hydrogen offers solid technological expertise.

 ZXD Hydrogen offers the widest range of electrolyzers on the market. Our electrolyzers have been approved and selected by numerous industrial maintenance companies and/or gas management companies. They can easily be integrated into industrial systems whatever their size or sector of activity.Generators of 1 to 1000 Nm3/h as standard

Discover our alkaline Hydrogen production equipment

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