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  • Electrolyzer market
    • January 12. 2022

    With the current state of development, the market is populated with three electrolyzers: alkaline water electrolyzer (AWE), proton exchange membrane electrolyzer (PEMEL), and solid oxide electrolyzers (SOEL), although only the first two are actively commercialised. All three devices employ electricity to split the water molecules into H2 and O2, and differences among the three technologies are giv...

  • What is green hydrogen and can it help China meet its carbon goals?
    • December 31. 2021

    Most of the element used in industry is produced using fossil fuels The country’s western regions are shaping up to be hubs of an industrial transformation Chinese oil refiner Sinopec has started building the world’s biggest green hydrogen plant in the country’s far western region of Xinjiang. The operation, expected to be up and running in 2023, will be entirely solar powered and supply hydrogen ...

  • Hydrogen Production Electrolysis
    • December 11. 2021

    Electrolysis is a promising option for hydrogen production from renewable resources. Electrolysis is the process of using electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. This reaction takes place in a unit called an electrolyzer. Electrolyzers can range in size from small, appliance-size equipment that is well-suited for small-scale distributed hydrogen production to large-scale, central prod...

  • Green Hydrogen: Choose Your Application
    • December 01. 2021

    Affordable green hydrogen is seen as one of the holy grails of the energy transition: The silver bullet for decarbonising tough-to-electrify bastions of fossil fuel use and a useful tool in many other cases. But even as renewable electricity prices fall further, electrolyser economics improve, and the cost of green hydrogen production approaches that of grey hydrogen, even as people opt for distri...

  • Commissioning operation before using
    • November 24. 2021

    Before using the water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment, it is necessary to debug the equipment. Debugging the water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment is an extremely serious matter. It needs to be debugged by professionals. After the hydrogen production equipment meets various requirements, it is delivered to use. So what does debugging include? 1. Installation inspection First...

  • Environmental Issues Related To The Development Of Hydrogen Energy
    • November 16. 2021

    As far as the development of hydrogen energy is concerned, the current source of hydrogen is mainly industrial hydrogen production. Industrial hydrogen production methods are mainly based on natural gas, petroleum, and coal as raw materials, which are prepared by reacting with water vapor at high temperatures, and can also be obtained by partial oxidation. The need to burn fossil fuels to produce ...

  • Improvement of Hydrogen Storage with Nanomaterials
    • November 04. 2021

    Improvement of Hydrogen Storage with Nanomaterials Over recent years, nanomaterials got interested due to its unusual electrical, mechanical, electronic, magnetic, surface, and optical properties. These high surface/volume ratio nanomaterials have important implications for storing Hydrogen and energy. Hydrogen is one of the evolving renewable energy sources, and it's abundant, light, storable, an...

  • Hydrogen production from water electrolysis is an effective choice for hydrogen production from renewable resources
    • November 02. 2021

    Hydrogen production from water electrolysis is a promising choice for hydrogen production from renewable resources. Hydrogen production from water electrolysis is a process in which water is decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen by electricity.   The reaction takes place in a unit called an electrolyzer. Water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment has a wide range of sizes, from small equi...

  • Hydrogen as an energy carrier
    • October 25. 2021

    Energy Solar, wind, hydroelectric… the energy transition relies on renewable energies. Given the massive deployment of these energy sources, which are by nature intermittent and difficult to predict, the use of hydrogen is seen as a flexible and competitive solution. Thanks to hydrogen as an energy carrier, energy companies and energy project developers can store and reuse their production surplus...

  • Composition of Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Production System
    • October 12. 2021

    Hydrogen production by water electrolysis is a technology that decomposes water to produce hydrogen and oxygen under the action of direct current. It follows Faraday's law of electrolysis. Under the action of direct current, water is decomposed into one part hydrogen and 1/2 part oxygen.   Water Charging System The raw water first enters the demineralized water preparation device, and after t...

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