Is hydrogen production equipment safe?

The hydrogen production equipment is relatively safe with correct and standardized use. When the hydrogen production equipment is not in operation, a small amount of gas will be stored in the equipment, and the hydrogen density is very low. A large amount of gas will be stored in high-pressure cylinders or hydrogen storage tanks.
Under the condition of forced circulation of electrolyte and direct current to the electrolyzer, hydrogen and oxygen are generated in the electrolyzer. After gas-liquid separation in the separator, the produced hydrogen and oxygen will be continuously sent out of the system.
In addition, the additional flame arrester, leakage detection and ventilation in the system provide additional system safety measures, and hydrogen leakage will not occur.
During the normal operation of the equipment, there are hydrogen and oxygen pressure, hydrogen and oxygen pressure difference, electrolyte flow, electrolyte temperature, gas flow, gas temperature, gas pressure and other series of safety interlock. When there is a problem in the operation of the equipment, it will stop safely at the first time. The operation of the equipment is completely safe and controllable.

How to maintain hydrogen production equipment?

The maintenance of hydrogen production equipment needs to refer to the "hydrogen production equipment maintenance manual". The operators must undergo professional technical training, and at least have four understandings (structure, principle, performance and application) and three skills (operation, use, maintenance and troubleshooting).

What to do if there is something wrong with the hydrogen production equipment?

ZXD can provide technical solutions for domestic and foreign brands of hydrogen production equipment and hydrogen energy products as well as after-sales services such as spare parts for overhaul and upgrading of old equipment. When the equipment breaks down for the first time, you can call our 24-hour service hotline to get accurate and timely technical service at the first time. The company can assign professional technical service personnel to provide one-to-one guidance service.

Precautions for transportation and storage of hydrogen production equipment

Hydrogen production equipment shall be stored in a cool and ventilated warehouse with obvious "no fireworks" sign. Keep out of direct sunlight. Hydrogen should be stored separately from oxygen explosives, poisons, radioactive materials, organic peroxide and other combustible materials. Warehouse lighting, ventilation and other facilities shall be explosion-proof.

What is the standard of hydrogen production equipment?

Service life, failure rate, hydrogen quality, cost performance and after-sales service of hydrogen production equipment.

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