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  • August 27, 2021

Green hydrogen is a hydrogen-produced fuel obtained from
electrolysis of water with electricity generated by low-carbon power sources.

What is green hydrogen used for?

Green hydrogen is becoming a key component in bringing about energy transition and ensuring a sustainable future. The decreased cost of producing green hydrogen using renewable energies, together with a drive towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions, have given clean hydrogen an unprecedented boost.This element will play a key role in the decarbonisation of various sectors such as industry, mobility, energy storage… We certainly have reasons to expect great things from green hydrogen.

Green hydrogen as fuel

Thanks to technologies like the fuel cell, green hydrogen is being used in transport, providing a sustainable mobility alternative. Cars that run on this clean energy have a hydrogen tank that connects to the fuel cell, where the electricity that powers the engine is generated.

Green hydrogen in industry
In addition to the above-mentioned use as an energy store, hydrogen is currently mainly used in two sectors. One use is in the chemical industry for manufacturing ammonia and fertilisers. While its second main use is in the petrochemical industry to produce petroleum products.

Green hydrogen in domestic use
With regard to domestic use, there are already several sustainable projects underway that aim to replace the natural gas network with a green hydrogen network that provides electricity and heat to households without producing pollutant emissions.

What are some advantages of green hydrogen?

Green hydrogen is produced from renewable energy sources.
Green hydrogen stabilises the electricity and heat supply.
Green hydrogen is versatile and can be used innovatively.
Green hydrogen reduces CO₂ emissions.

What is the difference between blue and green hydrogen?

Blue hydrogen is cleaner version for which the emissions of carbon are captured and stored, or reused. On the other hand, green hydrogen is produced through electrolysis which is a process of separating water into hydrogen and oxygen

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