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How Does Hydrogen Generation By Water Electrolysis Work?

  • November 04, 2021
At present, there are various known methods for producing hydrogen.,ammonia decomposition hydrogen production, natural gas hydrogen production, methanol cracking hydrogen production, water electrolysis hydrogen production, etc. The most widely used method is water electrolysis hydrogen production

Hydrogen production from water electrolysis
Among them, hydrogen production by water electrolysis can be divided into two types: alkaline hydrogen electrolysis and PEM pure water electrolysis. The advantages and disadvantages of these two hydrogen production methods are:

(1) Hydrogen production by alkaline water electrolysis: The hydrogen production technology has a long history, first learned from the Soviet Union, and later applied to domestic power plants, polysilicon, chemical companies, small laboratory chromatographic matching gas sources and other places, reliable equipment operation, low cost. The purity of hydrogen is generally around 99.8%. However, hydrogen contains corrosiveness, and it will corrode various parts after long-term operation for more than 5 years. It needs a major repair every five years, and the maintenance cost is relatively high. Abandoned lye needs to be treated in an environmentally friendly manner, and special personnel are required to be trained to work. Special attention should be paid to the regulation of hydrogen and oxygen.
(2) PEM pure water electrolysis to produce hydrogen: This technology was first derived from the principle of the oxygen generator of the US nuclear submarine, because it uses a proton membrane electrolyzer, which can physically separate high-purity hydrogen and oxygen by electrolyzing pure water. It is widely used, including power plants, chemical industry, metallurgy, glass, medical treatment, high-end laboratories, etc., and there is a tendency to replace alkaline liquid electrolytic hydrogen production. Moreover, the technical equipment is small in volume, and the purity of hydrogen produced is high, ≥99.9995%, the whole operation process is pollution-free, the operation is simple, and remote unattended operation can be achieved. The safety performance is high, the running time is long, and the life of the electrolytic cell is generally about 15 years.

The biggest feature of this type of device is the use of pure water electrolysis, no pollution, no corrosion, and higher purity of hydrogen. Compared with the traditional alkaline hydrogen production device, its advantages include the ability to meet the large current density operation, the current density can reach 1A / cm2 or more; low energy consumption and high efficiency, the electrolytic hydrogen production efficiency can reach more than 85%; 3. Light weight. It has good adaptability to wide power fluctuation power supply, and can realize intelligent regulation of hydrogen production from 0 to 100%. The device has a high degree of integration and can realize long-term stable operation.

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