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How to monitor hydrogen purity ?

  • November 16, 2021
When we use a hydrogen generator to produce hydrogen, we can observe various operating parameters through the display screen. The parameters that can be seen include hydrogen purity, oxygen purity, and lye flow, which cause the purity display value to be low. There are many reasons, and the corresponding methods for troubleshooting are different.

When the purity of oxygen or hydrogen on the display screen is low, it should be taken seriously by the operator, because hydrogen is a flammable gas with relatively high chemical activity, diffusivity and permeability. When hydrogen is mixed with air or oxygen, a wide range of flammable and explosive mixtures are formed. The explosion limit of hydrogen is 4% to 74% (volume) in air and 4% to 95% (volume) in oxygen.

The hydrogen detonation limit is 18% -59% (volume) in air and 15% -90% (volume) in oxygen. The energy required to ignite the hydrogen-oxygen mixture is very low, which is only 1/10 of the ignition energy of the gasoline and air mixture. Therefore, when the purity is in a dangerous range, the safety of field devices and personnel will be greatly threatened and must be eliminated as soon as possible. The reasons for the low purity and the corresponding solutions are as follows:

(1) The current value is too large, and the current value should be adjusted at this time;
(2) the quality of the lye does not meet the requirements, the lye should be replaced;
(3) If the lye concentration is too high or too low, the lye concentration should be adjusted;
(4) the quality of desalinated water does not meet the requirements, the desalinated water should be replaced;
(5) Hydrogen and oxygen liquid level difference is too large or the liquid level is too low, the hydrogen and oxygen liquid level should be adjusted to make up the brine;
(6) Problems with the electrolytic cell itself, at this time, stop the car immediately and contact the manufacturer to solve it;

(7) If the analyzer is faulty, notify the instrument maintenance personnel to check whether the flow rate, silica gel, boric acid tablets, etc. are normal. If it can't be ruled out, the instrument should be repaired.

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