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Industrial hydrogen production technology and development status in China: a review

  • July 01, 2021
This paper reviews the status of the research on industrial hydrogen production technology and development in China.
The pros and cons of different hydrogen production technologies are compared.
In addition, it is also conducted a comprehensive analysis of hydrogen production technology from economic and environmental aspects.
Finally, the opportunities and challenges faced by the development of China’s hydrogen production technology are analyzed.
In China, hydrogen production technology from fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas is relatively mature.
Among them, hydrogen production by coal gasification and/or methane steam reforming have achieved large-scale applications.
But its biggest problem is large carbon emissions, which does not meet China’s the development plan of "peaking carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality." Hydrogen production technology through water electrolysis has many advantages, such as cleanness, pollution-free, and high purity of the hydrogen. However, it has the disadvantages of large power consumption and high hydrogen production cost.
China has abundant renewable resources, but the technology for hydrogen production from renewable energy is still in its infancy and its development is not yet mature.
Through comprehensive analysis, we believe that China should continue to develop new technologies while maintaining the advantages of traditional fossil fuel hydrogen production technologies.
At the same time, China should also make full use of China’s remaining wind, light, electricity and biomass resources to develop green hydrogen production technologies such as electrohydrolysis.

Through the above-mentioned various measures, it will effectively promote the transformation of China’s energy structure and realize the diversification of the hydrogen industry in the true sense.

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