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ZXD , the global reference in electrolysis for onsite industrial hydrogen production

  • August 19, 2021
Companies across the globe benefit from the  reliable  hydrogen  produced  by  our  electrolysers. For over 30 years, we have supplied  more  than  500  electrolysers  to  customers  active  in  power  plants,  steel  and  metal  processing,  glass,  oil  and  fat  hydrogenation,  small  refineries  and industrial  gas  supply.  Onsite  production  gives businesses the flexibility to produce as much high-purity hydrogen as they need, wherever they are. It is especially attractive for remote locations far from central large-scale hydrogen production plants, eliminating high hydrogen transport costs

Our alkaline and PEM electrolyser products have built a strong reputation in our customers’ industries. These demanding sectors expect high quality, reliability, safety and ease of operation and maintenance, all delivered to tight schedules.

By using renewable hydrogen, industries can reduce their greenhouse gas emissions!

Electrolysis is the process of splitting the water molecule into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity.
The inputs to this process are simply feed water and the current supplied to the electrolyser.

The transformer and rectifier convert the AC voltage supply into DC current input.

The electrolyser is based upon proton exchange membrane technology. Hydrogen gas is generated at the cathode at elevated pressures up to 30 barg.
Oxygen gas is produced at the anode at pressures close to ambient. The near infinite bubble point of the membrane prevents oxygen from entering the hydrogen stream. The full differential pressure design provides for safe, simple operation.


The H2/Water Separator removes liquid water from the high pressure hydrogen and safely recycles it back to the system water tank.

The dryer will dry the gas to reach the suitable dew point. It consists of multiple beds filled with a desiccant to absorb the water

The gas storage provides a back-up solution or ensures the hydrogen make-up for batch applications with uneven gas consumption.

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IPv6 network supported


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